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How To Convert Texting Into Dating
March 26, 2018
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Red Flags to Avoid When Online Adult Dating
April 20, 2018

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether or not a girl’s into you, online adult dating can be incredibly disheartening, and make it difficult to know when to pursue or push your luck further. Fortunately, there are some pretty big tell-tale signs.

On the other side, if you’re playing it coy, you might want to dodge being a little too obvious with these cyphers. Here are five big indicators that she’s probably into you!

Quick Responses

When you’re messaging or texting someone, usually, they’ll wait till they got a free moment to message you back. They’ll reply maybe five minutes, maybe an hour later, and that’s okay. When someone’s super into you, they’ll respond much quicker.

If you’re worried about giving the game away, maybe try not sitting by your phone ready to reply, and get on with your life. When you do receive that message, mull over your reply a while, don’t shoot it off within seconds, it can look super desperate.

Engaged Body Language

Are they turned towards you? Are they being very attentive? Frequent full eye-contact? It’s a pretty sure bet they’re into you. This one’s kind of hard to spot when you’re in the moment chatting to someone, but it can really give someone away too.

If you’re talking to someone you’re into, just be aware that it’s very easy to overdo it and come off as too into them. Most of the time you want them to know that to some degree though, so don’t start ignoring them.


 Proximity when you’re together is a big thing. How close do you stand together? Being close to people and smelling them with frequent touch can really kindle a romance, and if they’re keen on you, they’ll take any excuse to stand close. Taking them to a crowded or loud place for a drink can be a good way to cultivate this environment.

Just stand a normal distance back if you’re worried about them cottoning on. Don’t talk right into their ear, and stay at a distance. Being in a bigger group can help here, but as I said earlier, you kind of want them to know that you like them to some degree, right?

Touch is Key

When someone makes any excuse to touch you, whether that’s touching your hair, arm or back, you know it’s on. Humans are very kinetic creatures, and we make a lot of touch, even when it’s not particularly sensual or sexual. If there’s a lot of contact, it’s pretty clear that either they’re a super touchy-feely kind of person, or they’re into you.

I know it’s hard, but if you don’t want to send them running from you, thinking you’re crazy-desperate, lay off on the touching. A little bit here and there is absolutely fine, but if it’s constant, you’ve already taken it too far.

Makes Time for You

The fact is, we’re all kind of busy. We all have our own lives to lead, and if someone’s always available to you, it sends a powerful signal. It means that you’re important to them. Being too available isn’t ideal though, so don’t run the risk of always being at their beck and call.

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